Four Channel Loop Detector
LP48 is a loop detector with improved functionality
controlling 4 loops and relay contacts.
LP48 is designed for industrial applications in
Eurocard standards. It is easily adapted to P. C. based
applications with RS-232 interface.

Loop Detektör LP-18


  • Vehicle counting for traffic lights

  • Vehicle detection in security line on roads

  • Vehicle speed calculation

  • Closed vehicle parking areas

garaj loop blocker

Loop Detektör LP-18

Adjustable relay hold time: You can set relay hold time after detection to 4 different values using 2 bit switches.

Adjustable Sensitivity: You can set the sensitivity to 4 different values using 2 bit switches. This feature allows you to detect/undetect less dense materials such as bicycle, motorbike etc

Isolation: The connection between the loop and the controller is isolated with a transformer. This isolation makes the system work more stable , safe and without any external interaction.

Displays: LP48 has 2 led indicators showing
a) Fault: If loop is broken or deformed, is lit
b) Activation: If a vehicle is detected is lit and stays lit until it goes away.

Function Keys (optional): The first 4 bit switches is used for function settings. The other 4 is used for frequency setting.

RS-232 interface: Without any need of another interface, you can directly connect the module to a P. C., and all monitoring is done by P. C. (only model LP48 has this feature.)

Loop Inductance
4 different modes.
a-) 3on-4on: Highest sensitivity
b-) 3on-4off: High sensitivity
c-) 3off-4on: Middle sensitivity
d-) 3off-4off: Lowest sensitivity
Frequency setting
4 different modes.
(5,6,7,8 bits of 8bits switch on board)
5on 6,7,8off: 65 kHz
6on 5,7,8off: 80 kHz
7on 5,6,8off: 120 kHz
8on 5,6,7off: 135 kHz
Output settings
4 different modes.
(bits 1,2 of ….. switch on board)
a-) 1on-2on Continuous hold: Output is activated when vehicle is detected and stays active until the vehicle leaves.
b-) 1on-2off Trigger on enter: Output is activated for 1 second when vehicle is detected. Another activation is possible only after vehicle leaves the loop.
c-) 1off-2on Trigger on Leaving: Output is activated for 1 second when vehicle leaves the loop.
d-) 1off-2off 4 minute hold: Output is activated when vehicle is detected. Output stays active as long as vehicle is on the loop for a maximum time of 4 minutes. After 4 minutes the output is deactivated and the system is resetted. (If the vehicle moves but staying still on the loop, the output is activated for another 4 min.
Response time
To activate : 25 ms +/- 5 ms
To deactivate : 30ms +/- 5 ms
Opto output on : 4 ms +/-1 ms
Opto output off : 4 ms +/-1 ms
Transformer, diode and high voltage lamps are used inside to protect the device from high voltages and noise coming from the loop antenna
Operating Voltage
Working temp.
-20 / +85 C
<2 Watt
2*32 pin (DIN41612 type B)
Data Rate:9600
Data Bits:8
Start Bit:1
Stop Bit:1
Dry contact Max. 220VAC/2A

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